June 24, 2024

Divine Straightening


With the spiritual healer and teachers Alexander & CarolinToskar


Spiritual Healing Sessions

The spiritual healing session includes:
~ introductory talk in the group
~ Divine Straightening and individual healing on the treatment couch
~ spiritual heavy metal eradication
~ linkage of healing powers – Assistance for self-treatment

With the initiation of the will to heal and to support the spiritual health.
Divine Straightening creates the balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues and passes the impulse for powerful regeneration- and selfhealing processes.

Cost: Healing Session cost: 900 kr per person, Follow up: 800 kr.
Payment: Please have cash, exact change ready before you have your appointment. No credit cards.

*A part of the proceeds go to an aid organization in Thailand.

Please note: The healer is neither practitioner nor naturopath.Divine Straightening  is not work in a medical sense, but a spiritual process. The healer does not make any healing promises.
The Divine Healing / Divine Straightening does not replace a medical treatment in case of mental or physical illness  or any suspect of disease. The attendance is voluntary.

Divine Straightening

With renewal of the cell consciousness

Divine Straightening is as visible and demonstrable spiritual healing unique throughout the world. Many chronic illnesses wouldn’t need to exist, if next to regular medication “Medicamente” meaning “Healing through the Divine spirit” stood in the foreground. What is healed indirectly by remedies is healed directly by the divine spirit.

The Divine Straightening encompasses the whole human being. It aligns the spirit, cleanses the soul and straightens the spine. This new life program happens simultaneously on many levels from which the overall healing of heart–mind–spirit–body unfolds.

The variety of influences, negative thoughts, impressions and feelings that manifest themselves in the consciousness and subconscious of humans disturb the equilibrium of the stream of life. The physical body responds with a distortion and curvature of the spine. Blockages in the connected control centers and the organs, deformities on a physical level, disease and disharmony are the inevitable consequences.

The healing power of Divine Straightening will be distributed gently and with love into your life. It acts in a liberating way on the psyche and cleansing the soul. The chakras, the energy centres along the spine, will also be realigned, cleansed and activated. Their capabilities and forces will be freed and released to operate effectively within us human beings and in every day lives.

The stages of healing are always individual, spontaneous healing can occur at any time. The healing work is now performed by the “inner doctor”, by one’s own bodily intelligence that has received a new programme free of old thought and behavioural patterns.

For more than 20 years the Divine Straightening acts powerful, precise and affectionate for the people. There have been several reportings on German-speaking Television about the Initiator and Healer Pjotr, Alexander´s father. Alexander Toskar presents this Healing work on a regular basis on the Thai television since 2006.

Effects: Freeing and straightening of the spinal column and spiritual correction of pelvic tilt without touching the body. Resolving of prenatal and life patterns, correction of the life axis, re-creation of the balance on physical and mental issues and emotional stress, passing of impulses for powerful regeneration and self healing processes.