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Water Vitaliser

Vitalisers are manufactured from resonating minerals found deep down in the earth`s crust. The minerals are placed in a special format to reproduce a natural “bio resonance”. When any liquid is passed through the “bio resonance field” it will be affected by this field and start recreating its natural molecular structure. The Vitaliser holds all water minerals in a suspended natural state called ADSORPTION, which is the original molecular structure of the water that is usually found in unprocessed natural spring water. (Unlike man-made processed water – which causes the minerals to fall out of suspension, creating free radicals) The existence of this vital molecular structure can be proven using an electron microscope

All our frequency devices simply clip onto the outside of any pipe and re-create the original molecular chain within any liquid including water, fuel, saline liquids etc. The original molecular chain within the liquid was destroyed during the manufacturing and pumping process.

Catalytic additives do create Molecular chain reaction. This out dated technology is used extensively, but it is limited .

The Catalytic additives are expensive and earth polluting. Our frequency technology is even more effective, inexpensive as restores the balance of nature.

In Agriculture we increase crop yields by up to 32%. This is of significant importance to the poorer third world countries.

Adding a molecular chain to water, also reduces the effects of salt and pollutants such as iron, copper, phosphates and arsenic etc.  Fertilisers can be reduced up to 18% and their river polluting ‘run off’ is avoided.

We hope we can be of assistance, for the betterment of mankind.”


A man made liquid has no “molecular structure” as in photo 1.

Normal pumped liquids

Magnified 10,000 times.

NO MOLECULAR STRUCTURE1. Man made liquids Wine, oil water, etc.

Natural and resonance technology liquids have a molecular structure as in photo 2.

Water Vitaliser enhanced liquid

After a Vitalizer was fitted.

Magnified 10,000 times.


2. After treatment by Water Vitaliser Is NATURAL Resonance Technology Liquids


Improved taste

This is because the bodies own molecular structure can “link with the liquids natural molecular structure via the taste bud sensors. Instead of having to taste every part of the liquid in its “free radical formation. (As in photo 1.) In photo 2, the Taste buds only taste “what they like. Photo 1. shows free radicals containing good and bad tastes. In Photo 2 all the “free radicals are locked into a structure, holding them in quantum suspension, allowing the taste buds to “select what they prefer. This is also, why fresh fruit tastes better than “old fruit(Fresh fruit has a molecular structure)Less acidic

Quantum suspension of the TDS reduces the acidic nature of a liquid to the taste buds. This again allows the receiving taste buds to reject any over powering acid. The pH remains the same yet it has no effect on the other living tissue. For instance, orange juice with a molecular structure can be rubbed in the eyes and salt water can be used to feed plants, because the living molecular structure does not recognise the free radical negative in the liquid only, that which is required. On the other hand, if we are attuned to enjoying high levels of acid then we will taste them all!

Food processors discover they have sediment in pipe lines

As the resonance technology, molecular structure holds all the minerals in quantum suspension and the free radical minerals cannot fall out to cause sedimentation.

Reduced bacteria levels and reduced bacteria blooms

Molecular structured liquids reduce the ability for single cell bacteria to feed and bloom as the “free radical minerals are suspended (inactive) in to the structure. Bacteria have therefore little or no food source or oxygen to live on.

Extended shelf life

Liquids such as milk as well as fruit and vegetables brake down and lose there own natural molecular structures. This in turn causes aging and rotting. The resonance energy holds and locks the natural molecular structure together extending their shelf life.

Increased viscosity

Removing the surface tension of the liquid causes it to flow at least 22% quicker. In addition, the free radical molecules, which usually spin and cause friction cannot spin and are locked together within the flow of the liquid to pull each other along and through the pipe together.

Energy savings

Resonance Technology molecular chains become heating and or cooling rods in turn they heat and cool the 6% liquid quicker than usual. In addition, the latent energey is held within the molecular chains. Therefore, hot water stays hotter longer and cold water stays cooler longer.

Wetter liquids - more hydratious, ability for the body organs to absorb water, increased “hydration

Locked within the natural molecular structure are thousands of molecular clusters. The body organs can hydrate and absorb the liquid more easily. In addition the surface tension of the water has been removed (bio film) which adds to the hydration effect.

Increased Oxygen potential – Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels

The natural molecular structure locks in the oxygen and other gases within the liquid into quantum suspension. These gases cannot evaporate, as they are part of the liquid. This in turn allows the bodies cells to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids.

Hydratious water detoxifies body organs

As the body can absorb more liquid, it can also detoxify quicker. Because the liquid is now in a molecular structure, the body cannot only reject negatives but the bodies aged sedimentation can be easily linked to the new molecular chain and is swept away. For instance kidney stones are dissolved.

Hydratious water may reduce the effects of alcohol on the body

Because as the alcohol is locked into the molecular structure the body can reject much more. In most cases, many people report they can drink twice as much without becoming intoxicated. In all cases, the hang over effect is removed.

Reduction in the bodies E-smog caused electro imbalances reducing stress levels

Electrical pumps add E- Smog charge into the liquid. It has been found that this E-Smog causes many inconveniences to the body such as head aces, irritability and sleepless nights.

Hydratious water directly benefits long haul flight passengers reduced jet lag

Increasing hydration and removing E-Smog effects enhances the bodies functions. Increasing oxygen levels within the blood stream while in flight improves the bodies ability to with stand long haul flights.

Increased body absorption of commercially produced nutrients and vitamins

As with the taste bud explained above. The bodies DNA can absorb more minerals that it requires may be not what you think it requires! The body can then reject what it does not need reducing the side effects of medication.

Water Vitaliser for Home Use

News for people who want to improve their drinking and shower water.


Bio energy creates many effects on water, which helps to improve physical health and wellness.

Now we can in a simple and effective way bio energize or, as we call it, “Vitalise” your drinking water and your water supply for the whole house, just by attaching a Bio Shell Vitaliser around the main water pipe to your house or apartment.

Vitaliser are not magnetic, electrical or chemical reliant. Vitalisers are manufactured from resonating minerals found deep down in the earth`s crust. The minerals are placed in a special format to reproduce a natural “bio resonance”. When any liquid is passed through the “bio resonance field” it will be affected by this field and start recreating its natural molecular structure.

Scientist call this effect adsorption and scientists create this artificially by using chemicals to make the long chains of molecules.

Vitalisers create adsorption using natural bio resonance, similar to that found in natural spring water before a pump destroys it.

Fitting a Vitaliser is easy, we simply encase the incoming water pipe (after any pump) with a Vitaliser and everything downstream from that point will have the bio resonance and all the associated benefits, until the liquid hits another pump!

Some benefits of VITALISERS

  1. The Vitaliser recreates the original molecular structure in processed water (rejuvenates) so you feel energized after drinking and bathing in it.
  2. Vitalized water has a cleansing and a rejuvenating effect on the body.
  3. It removes the negative effect of electro smog in the water. (caused by pump), and by drinking the water it removes electro smog in your body.
  4. It removes negative effects of chlorine such as smell, red eyes and biofilm.
  5. Beneficial for animals and plants.
  6. Removes all scale in water pipes and stops sedimentation and scale build up in all plumbing equipment.
  7. Reduces all the effects of PH corrosion

If you are interested and want to know more, please give us a call or come and see us. We are happy to demonstrate the effects of the water for you.

Yes you are really able to see and feel the effect immediately!!

Water Vitaliser for Wellness & Spa

Anyone can experience a natural hydrotherapy treatment by swimming in the ocean, bathing in hot springs or sitting under a tropical waterfall. These experiences are a combination energies created by the earths natural environment. These experiences can be profoundly healing, balancing, purifying and spiritual. Natural energy healing hydrotherapy water can now be created by a Vitaliser.

The true origin of hydrotherapy water can be found in the healing springs of the world and is nature itself. Various healing traditions have created different hydrotherapy treatments & philosophies, but Nature creates the essential nature of water. And we can discover the nature of water from our own experience in Nature at different natural locations.

It is possible for the healing, purifying, balancing, mystical qualities of water to be an essential part of every spa menu in the form of hydrotherapy. HOWEVER THE CHEMICALS WE USE TO SANITISE THE WATER destroys the life energy force of the water and often undoes many of the treatments created by spa operators. Vitalisers overcome the chemical treatment by re inserting the natural life force energy found in the healing waters of the world.

Vitalised water enhances all hydrotherapy treatments and can also be used with natural products such as essential oils, healing muds & clays, herbs, minerals, and oils.

The combination of Vitalised water with hydrotherapy, natural products, trained healers and proper equipment, gives a spa or wellness center the ability to create powerful, transforming healing treatments. Water is an essential part of life, an essential part of wellness, healing and spiritual consciousness and an essential part of the complete spa experience.

Water Vitaliser for Agriculture


ActivAir solutions has for the past 2 years been marketing products and conducting research/development programs using Vitaliser equipment in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture with success.

This revolutionary equipment has been developed over a period of 60 years in Europe using new technology and the trials conducted on the farmlands in Western Australia thus far have all proven successful.

August 2000. ActivAir solutions was invited along with Ian Lyons to address the Silver Perch Association Annual Conference. Interest was shown here also with the Airpure WaterZone product for water-borne bacterial control in water-tanks and contaminated rain-water tanks.

During this month, a Vitaliser-shell unit was placed on the bore-water supply to Balhill hydroponics lettuce farm. This unit was treating the total water supply to the sheds and it can only be said that the quality of the crops of gourmet lettuce had improved overall. There had been no control crops against which to compare and the grower agreed he had seen a definite improvement and a shorter growing time per crop.some as early as 25 days instead of 32 days.

February/March 2001. John Hunt, a small land-holder of Beverley 100kms east of Perth, called ActivAir solutions as he was rapidly losing his dam-water because of the severe drought conditions and was concerned for his silver perch and ornamental goldfish. He had harvested the fish into an above-ground swimming pool and was losing 15-20 fish per day when we installed a Vitaliser onto the return line from the recirculating pump, at the same time installing a WaterZone unit to reduce the ammonia in the water. The combination of these 2 units had effect within 3 hours. The fish became more active and noticeably began piping for the increased dissolved oxygen at the return outlet. The fish were kept alive, became healthier and more active with no further loss of stock over the ensuing 5 months!! It was also noted that the bush bees began drinking from the pool never before.

Discussions with ActivAir solutions then led to further trials taking place on John Hunt’s property. He raised rabbits, ran a number of sheep and goats and we treated a water-trough in 1 paddock with a Vitalizer. The goats drank historically from a clay dam in the far corner of the paddock until they smelled the sweeter vitalized water of the trough and continue drinking from the trough rather than the dam.

Several Vitalizer units are now installed on ponds and tanks for growing Silver Perch, Ornamental Goldfish and Rainbow Trout in saline dams from Johns experiences.

Colin & Ana Butcher of Beverley are 4th generation wheat/sheep farmers in the district. He was drawing water from a bore of 6.2pH for his poll merino stock. A flock of 437 wethers ranged the paddock and had 2 troughs, historically drinking from the furthest. A Vitalizer 25mm x -shell unit was placed on the top trough and within 30 hours the flock had split to drinking from both troughs. It was apparent that the installation of the unit does have an effect on the water supply to the betterment and wellbeing of animals and fish.

Presented information/literature package to State Salinity Council representative Garry English. The Council is very interested in our statement of being able to reduce the effects of salts in the water for use on irrigated cropping and stock water supply.

April 2001 Wally & Pam Campbell are Boer goat breeders with a flock of 437. They have a farm approximately 100kms east of Perth at West Dale. Their water supply from main dam was becoming saline and was tested initially in December 2000 at 2612ppm TDS, then 3785ppm TDS in 3 months. The farm-house gardens, shrubs and rose bushes were

showing serious stress from the salt levels and a Vitalizer 37mm -shell unit was installed on the supply line from the dam to the house. Approximately 28 days later, the rose-bushes which cannot tolerate more than 550ppm TDS began to produce new shoot growth, due to the salts becoming inert. Other salt-sensitive plants also began to revive. . 1st July 2001 saw the area still in serious drought conditions, yet the roses were in good healthy growth and the dam water was tested at 4880ppm TDS with pH 8.4.

Wally had been dry feeding his 147 wethers in a paddock with a water trough being supplied off the treated water supply line to the house. Late May saw the first rains and it was then noted from the worn footpads that the goats were now drinking from this small trough instead of their historic trough some 600m distant at the other side of the paddock. Further observation also showed better feeding intake and an increase in body weight Wally has this year (2002) relocated his unit so that it now treats all waters to all his goats.

N.B. A visit by Noel Sweeny on 170702 was very exciting as the does had begun kidding 2 days prior and the Campbells were amazed at the proliferation of triplets – a higher incidence than last season drop. They believe it is due to the Vitalizer treated water.

ActivAir solutions began monitoring for a period of 6 months a Vitalizer 25mm -shell unit purchased by a Barramundi Cell farm in April 2001. During this time the grower was able to observe the behaviour and conditioning of his fish through glass portals. It was found that the fish became less aggressive by nature, yet were far more active to the point nets had to be placed on top of the tank to stop the fish leaping out. The increased grow-out rate was being monitored against another cell of the same age fish and the enhanced appearance and colour of the fish was noted. It was also found that scale damage diminished and wounds healed more quickly. A far healthier fish with increased market potential! The design engineers and developers of this cell technology will be designing the Vitalizer into their cell systems.

It was also during this month the Vitalizer manufacturers were flown to Perth so they could understand and address the situation of the increasing salinity problems facing WA farmers, some of whose arable land was now being lost at a rate of 30% per year. The titanium ProTipp units were then designed and attuned to samples of water drawn from the YenYening Lakes system. This water had been analysed to a level of 140,000ppm Total Dissolved Salts (TDS).

June 2001 Trials conducted by the writer on Cos lettuce using this TDS level water showed that it was possible to grow the lettuce with “vitalized” water for a period of 17days against untreated water lettuce to only 11 days. An interesting observation was that the leaf number increase was 22%, the length by 27% and the biomass up by 29%. During this trial, ActivAir solutions also used town supply water on an equal number of plants with similar results except for the extended life to edible condition. It was noted that the leaf number, length and biomass percentage increases were only marginally better

September 2001 Sheep Intensive Feedlot. A trial was set using a Vitalizer® 50mm alu-wrap unit on the water supply to I only trough in a pen with 200 merino sheep. The pen contained 3 troughs with the feed at the other end and was to continue for 42 days. With the sheep able to access the 3 troughs it was possible to monitor on a visual basis only the drinking habits of the animal. The feed was pelletised with moisture content to 8% and the necessity for good quality water was tantamount. 36 hours into the trial, it became apparent that a greater number of sheep were returning to the vitalized trough to drink. The trial was aborted when the feed suppliers delivered a load of faulty pellets and the sheep needed to be moved onto an alternative feed. This happened several times until such time as the feedlot became too busy to monitor any trials.

The comment was passed however by the shed supervisor that he did notice a difference in the behaviour of the sheep in the treated pen…quieter, eating more often and drinking more water. Taking these factors into consideration, it was found that the condition of the sheep was improving toward a better food conversion factor.

October 2001 Presented information now collated and fact sheets on Salinity and Adsorption to Dr. Tom Hatton, Snr. Research Scientist for Salinity for CSIRO Western Australia. Has shown interest in our findings and is being kept informed.

November 2001 An inconclusive trial was set on the property of Mick Woodley at Narembeen in the eastern wheatbelt with 4 different crops. The water was drawn from a deep drain and tested at 60,000ppm TDS and a pH level of 2.0?. very acidic.

The grains were Jumbo Sorghum, French White Millet, SaladoLucerne and Robust Ryegrass. The area was reticulated and watering was to be done each 2 days to keep the soil damp and moist. In 17 days the Sorghum germinated and appeared and grew to a height of 55mm 2-leaf stage. The stem was also 50mm with a root system developing to 50mm also. However, due to strong easterly winds and high temperatures the trial was inconclusive, finally when the pump broke down. The fact is we can germinate grain in marginal waters. There was no germination in the untreated water control crop.

December 2001 John Hunt of Beverley assisted in a trial at Yenyening Lakes in the filtration of salts from the water tested at 160,000ppm TDS. After 2 ? hours of filtering, there was a notable change in the taste/softness of the water but not the turbidity of the colloidal clay. The filtration unit was back-washed onto the baked clay area next to a dam on John’s property. The water drained away very quickly despite the hard baked surface. This led to a further trial when we pumped 450lts/10mins from John’s dam through a Vitalizer® and similar untreated. This experiment was repeated 4 times.

The result showed that vitalized water percolates faster and deeper by 75% depth and 22% faster.

This phenomenon is due to the lower viscosity level of treated water.

Evaporation trials done at the same time using the hyper-saline water of Yenyening Lakes proved we are able to lower the salt level by evaporation by 17-22%.

March 2002 Raymond Matthews farm at East Wickepin 260km south-east of Perth. Lost 30% of 4,500 acres pastureland to salt in past 10 years. A trial plot was set using water reticulated from his top dam tested to 7413ppm TDS.

230302?.Grains sewn were Jumbo Sorghum, Cadiz Serradella, Salado Lucerne, French White Millet.

Temperature range mid to high 30?s. Strong easterly winds. Watering was to be done daily, but due to high winds could be 5-6 days with no watering/moisture to assist germination and stop leaf burn. Crops germinated in 8 days and was sparse. The calibration settings on the air-seeder was in question due to inconsistencies of germination with all 4 grains. The trial was aborted end of April with the onset of shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures bringing on dormancy.

This trial will be re-set in October 2002.

May 2002 John Hunt was able to trial a Vitalizer® 50mm unit on a shipment of 1500 pregnant dairy cattle to the Middle East. Within 12 hours of leaving port, the beasts on his deck of 400 cattle became calm and settled and were laying down as they travelled across a very rough Great Australian Bight. The cattle on the other decks with the normal water supply were showing signs of stress and discomfort. After leaving Australian waters 7 cows went down with Pneumonia and John changed the Vitalizer® to their pen. Normally the beasts died, however the vitalized water saved 5 of the beasts without them aborting the calves. The unit was returned to his deck and he never lost a cow or calves born during the voyage. In comparison, the other decks with untreated water did lose cows and aborted calves during the remainder of the voyage to Dubai and onto Kuwait.

ActivAir solutions is currently negotiating with the major livestock shippers to undertake a controlled in-depth trial to bring about a qualified result.

July 2002 Department of Agriculture, Carnarvon in Western Australia has purchased a Vitalizer® which is now in-situ on a bore-water trough for beef cattle in the North-west of WA. The trial is to establish that we are able to reduce the effects of the iron and calcium lock-up and release through adsorption the calcium by natural genetic requirement for optimum growth. The controlled trial is being conducted on Quobba Station and overseen by the Department. Results as they come to hand will be forwarded to ActivAir solutions, as will the water analysis report.


Chief Executive Officer

Water Vitaliser for Industrial


  • Reduces factory ammonia smells and odours.
  • Less cleaning detergents required
  • Reduces the amount of boiler chemicals required
  • Reduces scale build-up and increases the performance of boilers, resulting in energy savings.
  • Reduces the amount of cooling tower chemicals required.
  • Reduces scale build-up in cooling towers, resulting in reduced maintenance.
  • Improves trade waste-water quality components by reducing BODs, TSS, TN, etc.
  • Reduces waste odours
  • Improves operation of trade waste screening equipment
  • Reduces dumping costs of solid waste products
  • Reduces calcium and other deposits on pipe-work
  • Reduces corrosive action on pipe-work
  • Less maintenance and extended service life of pumps and machinery
  • Grease traps work more effectively with reduced fat build-up
  • Improves quality in food manufacturing.


  • Prevents corrosion and increases the life span of pipes, hot water tanks, dishwashers, air conditioners, heating systems, ice makers, etc.
  • Reduces existing calcium and aragonite deposits
  • Improves aerobic functioning and bio-degradation in septic tank systems.
  • Reduces polluting chemicals, salts, and corrosive agents produced by conventional water conditioning
  • Vitalizers do not produce by-products, such as chemicals, and other potentially harmful agents.
  • Vitalizers do not use electricity, filters, magnets or consumable parts
  • No maintenance

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