May 27, 2024

Quantum Chakra Balancing

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Quantum Chakra Balancing is the latest and most powerful energy treatment for home use,  therapists, spa therapists, acupuncturists and healers.

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Please note that the disks used in the video are the old, larger disks.  Our new set (pictured below)  is smaller but just as powerful!

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You can energize and balance body, mind and emotions using the Quantum Chakra Balancing system.

A systematic energizing and balancing of the chakra system takes place when the disks are placed on the chakras. It is also recommended to drink the energized water.


  • The set consists of 7 precisely colored and technically engineered crystal glass disks, with the frequency  of each of the 7 main chakras.
  • The disks are produced in Germany, using precise color matching resonance and heat fusion nano technology, and they are stored in a bio resonance engineered pewter storage box.
  • The box is not only for convenient storage, but it also removes any unwanted energetic residue from used disks and resets them to the optimum frequencies.

The energy box has many functions.

  1. To produce chakra, chi water and energy mist
  2. To energize massage oils and creams
  3. To clear space of unwanted energies
  4. For meditation
  5. Light therapy. Shine LED light (scalar) through the colored disks on reflex areas and acupoints. It is a very fast and effective treatment with immediate results.
Why is Quantum balancing so easy to work with:
  1. It is easy to clear the disks between treatments, just allow 10 minutes in the metal energy box.
  2. The treatment is always the same, as the energy that is radiated, is always the same.
    The disks can not absorb any external energies.
  3. The therapists don’t tire out.
  4. Keeps the treatment area energized and pure.

Experiences and effects of the Quantum treatments:

  1. I felt my chakras open for the first time and to day is the first morning that I don’t have any back pain when I woke up”. ~  Tom
  2. “Went to sleep while treatment and felt very relaxed”. ~ Meena
  3. “Peace,-harmony-detachment-acceptance. Physical body seems to disappear and become a wave frequency Frequency clearing every cell. At the end total harmony. Every cell is happy. Feeling very light and happy.” ~ Natali
  4. Quantum Chakra Balancing Disks Testimonial for Lotus Star written by Halla Himintungl Bowen Practitioner and Astrology Reader

“Life is a wonderful journey full of adventures in the year 2008 I was once again on crossroads with making major changes in my life. With all these new energy and changes in my life, I could feel that my body and emotions were in need of balance and some boost up for my chi energy.

Having a little pre-experience on some of the great product and treatments that Charlotte Weber at the Lotus Star offers, I decided to have a Quantum Chakra Balancing Disks therapy. The result was multi-levels higher then I had expected. During and after every treatment I could feel changes in my body and amazingly enough I could sense and connect the movements to the main issues and changes I was working on within myself. I can honestly say that the QCB are exstreamly powerful and the treatment is so gentle and soothing that it touched every tiny bit of my feelings that I thought were deeply hidden in my mind and body. It also helped me to let go of some old unuseful patterns and habits that I had no more use for. I surly went throuh a lot of cleansing during and after the treatment and with the assistant of the QCB I was able to re-energize myself and put a full power on my self-esteem in areas were it was lacking.

Thank you Charlotte for such a wonderful treatment and amazing result, Quantum Chakra Balancing Disks are just as you described them to me, a powerful method to cleanse, empower inner strength, re-energize and unblock the chakras.


The effect of Quantum Chakra Balancing treatment can easily be measured and proven by any diagnostic machines like Prognos and aura photo machines.