May 27, 2024

Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis

Cell Wellbeing hair analysis gives guidance on how to change your diet, nutrition and lifestyle in order to get your health and life back on track. Samples of your hair are used to carry out your testing as the hair stores information about your health.

The 25 pages report, that is mailed directly to you from Germany, shows:  food intolerance’s, nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, antioxidants minerals, amino acids), pathogenic influences (bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses) and toxic burdens (toxic metals, chemicals and radiation), which are undermining the body’s homeostatic and immune functions, which in turn leave the body weakened and prone to poor health.

It takes 12 minutes to get your test result.

At Lotus Star you can get guidance on life style and nutrition according to information in your report.

If you want to purchase the Cell Wellbeing equipment and join Cell Wellbeing group , please contact Vicki Weber

tel +66816188653

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