June 24, 2024

Safe Water

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To everybody who is affected by the floods.

When our tapwater and drinking water gets contaminated by the flood water we are in trouble. It can be contaminated by Ecoli bacterias and other toxins. This is to inform you that the Vitaliser water treatment system can make your water safe, for drinking, cooking and bathing. The vitaliser creates structured water that keeps the molecules in suspension, and this will keep particles that normally don’t belong in water in suspension and thereby exclude the poison
Reduced bacteria levels and reduced bacteria blooms

Molecular structured liquids reduce the ability for single cell bacteria to feed and bloom as the “free radical minerals are suspended (inactive) in to the structure. Bacteria have therefore little or no food source or oxygen to live on.

Hydratious water detoxifies body organs

As the body can absorb more liquid, it can also detoxify quicker. Because the liquid is now in a molecular structure, the body cannot only reject negatives but the bodies aged sedimentation can be easily linked to the new molecular chain and is swept away. For instance kidney stones are dissolved.

Hydratious water may reduce the effects of alcohol on the body

Because as the alcohol is locked into the molecular structure the body can reject much more. In most cases, many people report they can drink twice as much without becoming intoxicated. In all cases, the hang over effect is removed.

For further info:  http://lotus-star.com/products/water-vitaliser-vivifier


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