June 24, 2024

Agriculture and Bio Energy

The water Vitaliser increases crop yields, extends shelf life and reduces fertilizer costs.  Check out this video from the creators of the Water Vitaliser:


Why detox?

Environmental toxins make us gain weight which is more or less impossible to lose.
Being overweight is linked to high levels of toxins in the body since toxins are stored in the fat tissue. As you accumulate more toxins in your body, more and more fat cells are needed for storage.
So if you really want to lose weight, get rid of the toxins first.
Maintaining the wanted weight will not be difficult either.
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Safe Water

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To everybody who is affected by the floods.

When our tapwater and drinking water gets contaminated by the flood water we are in trouble. It can be contaminated by Ecoli bacterias and other toxins. This is to inform you that the Vitaliser water treatment system can make your water safe, for drinking, cooking and bathing. The vitaliser creates structured water that keeps the molecules in suspension, and this will keep particles that normally don’t belong in water in suspension and thereby exclude the poison
Reduced bacteria levels and reduced bacteria blooms

Molecular structured liquids reduce the ability for single cell bacteria to feed and bloom as the “free radical minerals are suspended (inactive) in to the structure. Bacteria have therefore little or no food source or oxygen to live on.

Hydratious water detoxifies body organs

As the body can absorb more liquid, it can also detoxify quicker. Because the liquid is now in a molecular structure, the body cannot only reject negatives but the bodies aged sedimentation can be easily linked to the new molecular chain and is swept away. For instance kidney stones are dissolved.

Hydratious water may reduce the effects of alcohol on the body

Because as the alcohol is locked into the molecular structure the body can reject much more. In most cases, many people report they can drink twice as much without becoming intoxicated. In all cases, the hang over effect is removed.

For further info:  http://lotus-star.com/products/water-vitaliser-vivifier


Health Tip: Earthing

Our body is electrical and needs grounding or earthing as it is also called. It happens when you walk with bare feet in direct contact with earth. It allows the electrons to move freely between you and the earth. Many people wear rubber shoes all the time with no direct contact with the earth and thereby cuts the flow of energy.  All this energy gets stuck in the body and causes stress and inflammation. Inflammation again causes a wide range of diseases. So discharge your body for 30 min daily to restore a natural and stable state. People say it also helps for chronic pain. Worth a try and it is FREE!

Uses and benefits of Vitaliser water treatment system

Vitality water (vitalised water) is being used for many purposes apart from drinking .

For example, is it used  for agriculture, industry, horticulture, hydrotherapy, hospitals,  wellness centers etc.

Installing the Vitaliser in a building has an extra bonus attached . The Vitalised water  creates an energy field in your building. In this way you keep  your home in a protective energy field that helps to minimize the effects of electrosmog  from your computers, TV and mobile phones.

Vitality water can be used to energize offices, bedrooms, meditation space, treatment areas etc – just by standing a bottle of vitalized water in each corner of the room. This creates the energy space inside the area surrounded by the bottles.

You can also set up the bottles of Vitalised Water around your bed to help you detox while you are sleeping.


What is so special about the Quantum Chakra Balancing treatment?

Well!  have a look at this case and see what you think

A middle aged male feels his energy is getting less and less and his outlook on life is getting a bit darker than what it used to be. He comes for a Prognos wellness assesment, to have his energy in organs and meridians checked.
The tests show a lack of energy in following organs. The spleen /pancreas, the kidneys and liver-galdbladder.

These organs are connected to 2nd and 3rd chakras, where there is a blockage of energy flow and thereby the chakras are not able to supply the organs with sufficient energy.

The chakra treatment, with all 7 disks placed on the chakra points, takes 20 min.
One more Prognos test is done after the chakra treatment and now we see that there is established a free flow of energy in the chakra system and the body energies are balanced and harmonised by nearly 60 percent

Additional aura photos speak their own language

With the Prognos test where we check the energy body, we can detect imbalances and problem tendencies many years before it becomes a physical manifestation.

We can in this way offer the best preventive treatment you can imagine.

Energy and Biofield Report of Qi’s Chakra Set

Energy and Biofield Report of Qi’s Chakra Set by Dr J. R. Rogerson from Insititute of Energy & Biofield Sciences

New Vitaliser result from Father Ray Foundation in Pataya

The Father Ray foundation is now using the vitaliser for drinking water and gardening water. One result you see here. They made their own experiment with 2 onion plants, and you can see on photos how much bigger, healthier and stronger the water energized  plant is. This result is not only good for the plant but also for the person who is eating it. Drinking this water with the beautiful molecules has a very energizing and balancing effect on the body. It keeps your body strong and adds more resistance to illness.

The Vitaliser is recommended for home use, agriculture and gardening.