July 21, 2024

What is so special about the Quantum Chakra Balancing treatment?

Well!  have a look at this case and see what you think

A middle aged male feels his energy is getting less and less and his outlook on life is getting a bit darker than what it used to be. He comes for a Prognos wellness assesment, to have his energy in organs and meridians checked.
The tests show a lack of energy in following organs. The spleen /pancreas, the kidneys and liver-galdbladder.

These organs are connected to 2nd and 3rd chakras, where there is a blockage of energy flow and thereby the chakras are not able to supply the organs with sufficient energy.

The chakra treatment, with all 7 disks placed on the chakra points, takes 20 min.
One more Prognos test is done after the chakra treatment and now we see that there is established a free flow of energy in the chakra system and the body energies are balanced and harmonised by nearly 60 percent

Additional aura photos speak their own language

With the Prognos test where we check the energy body, we can detect imbalances and problem tendencies many years before it becomes a physical manifestation.

We can in this way offer the best preventive treatment you can imagine.