July 21, 2024

Health Tip: Earthing

Our body is electrical and needs grounding or earthing as it is also called. It happens when you walk with bare feet in direct contact with earth. It allows the electrons to move freely between you and the earth. Many people wear rubber shoes all the time with no direct contact with the earth and thereby cuts the flow of energy.  All this energy gets stuck in the body and causes stress and inflammation. Inflammation again causes a wide range of diseases. So discharge your body for 30 min daily to restore a natural and stable state. People say it also helps for chronic pain. Worth a try and it is FREE!

Uses and benefits of Vitaliser water treatment system

Vitality water (vitalised water) is being used for many purposes apart from drinking .

For example, is it used  for agriculture, industry, horticulture, hydrotherapy, hospitals,  wellness centers etc.

Installing the Vitaliser in a building has an extra bonus attached . The Vitalised water  creates an energy field in your building. In this way you keep  your home in a protective energy field that helps to minimize the effects of electrosmog  from your computers, TV and mobile phones.

Vitality water can be used to energize offices, bedrooms, meditation space, treatment areas etc – just by standing a bottle of vitalized water in each corner of the room. This creates the energy space inside the area surrounded by the bottles.

You can also set up the bottles of Vitalised Water around your bed to help you detox while you are sleeping.